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  • Daniel Frost

    Daniel Frost


  • Joshua Hannan

    Joshua Hannan

    Smart Contract Engineer at Dapper Labs, working with Cadence, the best language for smart contracts!

  • Alexander Taub

    Alexander Taub

    Building Upstream. Previously co-founder of SocialRank (acquired by Trufan) and Business Development and Partnerships at Dwolla & Aviary.

  • Lewys Gammond-Phillips

    Lewys Gammond-Phillips

    Politics and poetry, mostly. Also some economics, interesting ideas, and social issues.

  • francine hardaway

    francine hardaway

    Co-founder, Stealthmode Partners, helping entrepreneurs succeed

  • Dan Berger

    Dan Berger

    Founder/fmr CEO @socialtables (acq by @cvent Oct โ€˜18). Community organizer, event believer, Israeli, NYer, raver, traveler, developer. ๐Ÿ“ Boise, ID

  • Nicole Quinn

    Nicole Quinn

    Investor at Lightspeed, Stanford alum, Former Consumer Analyst at Morgan Stanley and British 100m sprinter

  • Motoi Namihira

    Motoi Namihira

    Some say Iโ€™m the greatest data scientist who ever lived. Most, however, say Iโ€™m average :-)

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