Charting the Growth of Clubhouse Audio App

Vajresh Balaji
4 min readFeb 1, 2021


Update: Feb 13, 2021

Thanks to a trusted source who wishes to remain anonymous, I was able to obtain a recent figure for registered users. Clubhouse crossed 10.1 million registered users (as of 12:45 PM CST).

Key Events between Feb 2 and Feb 13

February 10, 2021: Elon Musk teases an upcoming Clubhouse show with Kanye West

February 9, 2021: MrBeast makes an appearance on the Good Time Show with Sriram Krishnan and Aarthi Ramamurthy

February 4, 2021: Mark Zuckerberg joins the Good Time Show

Update: Feb 2, 2021

I did some digging and found that Clubhouse has added at least a million registered users between January 30 and February 1. I suspect most of the signups happened after Elon Musk announced he was a guest of the Good Time show on Clubhouse

The app has crossed 6 million registered users as of February 1. On February 2nd, the app crashed in the morning. This was likely due to the influx of users from China joining the app. According to this Protocol bulletin, the hashtag ‘Clubhouse Invite Code’ is trending on Weibo.

Unfortunately, the Clubhouse team appears to have patched the method I used to track user numbers. February 1 seems to be the last day I can obtain accurate user numbers. When I tried to find user numbers for a few profiles that joined on the 2nd, I noticed numbers that were astronomically high (1–1.5 Billion). There is no way a billion people signed up to use the app in a day leading me to believe the numbers are obfuscated given the popularity of the graph.

Here is the final graph (Until someone figures out how to get past the obfuscated numbers)

Update: Jan 31, 2021

Clubhouse has now crossed 5 million registered users as of January 30! Check out the updated graph.

On November 26, Clubhouse issued 20 invites to users who were on the Testflight beta. This + allowing users to let people off the waitlist without using up invites helped kickstart the hockey stick growth that we observe.

Chart showing the explosive hockey stick growth from March 2020 to January 2021

I joined Clubhouse on September 1, 2020. Over the last few months, it has been interesting to see how fast the app has grown and how visible the growth is within the app. I created this graph to track the hockey stick growth that the app has experienced with respect to the number of registered users.

Note: Registered Users include users currently active on the platform + those that have downloaded the app to reserve their usernames.

The chart below shows the growth rate for the Testflight users (Initial Beta Users)



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